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Wealth Management

KVB offers commercial and retail customers a comprehensive solution ranging from investment planning to wealth management to enjoy the benefit of the globalized portfolio.

About THe Service

From Commercial to Personal Wealth Management

As your dedicated global financial service partner, KVB offers you a comprehensive solution ranging from investment planning to wealth management to enjoy the benefit of globalized portfolio.


Commercial Wealth Management


Foreign Currency Deposit

Currency deposits in common G5 currencies with competitive interest rates


Exchange Rate Related Investment

Dual currency deposit and exchange rate pegged deposit products


Debenture Bonds

Australia Government bonds and other internationally renowned corporate and bank debentures


Overseas Pledge of Stock Rights

Competitive pledge rates for easier and faster liquidity


Equity Investment

Customized equity investment opportunity to local Australian high-growth companies


Personal Wealth Management


Immigration Planning

Our local knowledge and matured investment partner help you fulfill immigration requirement to start a new life abroad.


International Securities Investment

You can have complete access to stock markets in United States, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore.


Industry Investment Fund

You can have convenient management for cross region and cross sector investment portfolio, including REITS and other Property Investment Fund.


Structured Investment

Customized investment planning helps you to reduce market exposure and trading frequency.


Overseas Family Trust

You are given access to set up your own family trust to protect your wealth and to plan for generations to come.


Private Equity Management

You are offered with private equity investment opportunity to overseas financial and tangible assets.


Overseas Financial Advisory

Whether you are scouting for overseas business, training, sightseeing, setting up new homes, studying abroad, philanthropy or even art collections, we have dedicated advisory capacity to assist you with local knowledge and a network of specialized agents.


Explore Our Financial Products and Services

KVB helps businesses from all walks of life, from business payout to overseas property investment. We provide competitive FX rates for our business clients in order to help their global settlement business.