KVB Virtual Account

Pay & Receive Like a Local

KVB virtual account service for commercial clients provides a fast and easy way to receive cross-border payments like a local.

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Virtual Account FEATURES

Empowering your International Business

Multi-Currency Account

Multi-currency account that supports mainstream cross-border e-commerce platform. Manages multi-currency collection.

Global Payments

Global payment network.
Supports payments to suppliers around the world. Fast settlement.

Speedy remittance

Up to T+2 delivery time.
Saves you time and costs.

Real time rates

Live exchange rates.
Allows you to lock-in the best exchange rate to mitigate FX risks.

Upgrade your GCFX Business Account

Getting Started

Commercial clients with GCFX Business Accounts can contact us to apply for a Virtual Account directly. Your dedicated sales representatives will guide you through the process and arrange an application for you.

It may take a few business days for our compliance team to review & approve your application.

Sign up here for a GCFX Business account if you don't already have one.

If you are operating an eCommerce platform, Logistic service, Payment Gateway, or business supporting multiple merchants to pay or receive foreign currencies:

Check out our platform service
USING KVB Virtual Account

Key Advantages

  • No need to worry about the sudden closure of account
  • Safe and reliable cross-border payments
  • Open to application for corporations around the world
  • Open account remotely - not necessary to visit Hong Kong
  • Quick and easy global settlement services
  • SMEs can also enjoy VIP rates from our professional FX management services
  • Support cross-border same currency settlement
  • Flexible and convenient to use
Streamline your merchant management workflow

Leveraging our Platform Service for Extra Opportunities

Address your customer's needs to receive & pay foreign currencies by offering them better exchange rates through KVB's virtual account platform.

If you are operating an eCommerce platform, logistic service company, payment gateway or business supporting multiple merchants to pay or receive foreign currencies, our platform's merchant management service can help you to:

  • Connect & assign virtual accounts for your merchants online
  • Stay up to date on fund-in & out for your merchants easily
    (ready for Commission based service model)
  • Offer a one-stop multi-currency collection & remittance service
  • Enjoy platform only exchange rates from KVB

Your merchants will need to apply for a GCFX Business account to start using the virtual account service. API connection is also available as our customized solution.

Talk to our sales representatives to explore more.

Contact Us

Email us at HK.sales@kvbgc.com to learn more about our services. Online application is coming soon.