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Payroll Outsourcing Solution

KVB offers tailor-made payroll outsourcing solutions for overseas enterprises that helps businesses to optimize payments to overseas staff with competitive exchange rates and user-friendly operations. Our provisioning includes comprehensive global payment services, a platform with bank-level security and the support of multiple currencies exchange.


The Role of Third-Party Payroll Services for Companies

Payroll is one of the most important financial functions of a company, with a profound impact on both the business and employees. Salary payment involves many details such as tax declarations and benefit calculations. Any errors may bring losses to the company, while inaccurate or delayed salary payments may affect employees' emotions and trust in the company. To solve payroll issues more effectively, many companies choose to cooperate with third-party professional payroll service providers. As a result, companies avoid complicated processes and can focus more on their core business. Payroll outsourcing services can help companies save time and achieve cost optimization. Working with excellent service providers in the industry can improve reliability and reduce risks to ensure maximum benefits.

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General Payroll Outsourcing Pain Points

Ordinary payroll outsourcing services cannot fully cover the needs of cross-border enterprises. As the scale of enterprises continues to expand, expanding overseas markets has become a necessary option on the road to corporate development. Overseas operations will face more challenges for companies, and companies urgently need to establish new business processes and recruit new employees. When employees put forward some special salary payment requirements, ordinary payroll outsourcing services cannot solve them, and companies still have to face many problems.

  • Enterprises can only pay in local currency and cannot perform cross-border salary disbursement.

  • The service requires specifying a particular bank for receiving payments, leading to employees managing multiple bank accounts.

  • Employees face high currency conversion costs when conducting small-scale international currency exchanges on their own.

  • It does not help businesses save on overseas remittance costs.


Key Features of KVB Solution


Support cross-border payment

We support multi-currencies payments across the globe.


No need to specify a bank

It accepts transactions with major banks in the supported regions, no need to specify a particular bank for account setup.


Humanized and flexible allocation

It allows flexibility to allocate salary in proportions that pay to overseas accounts, to cater for employees’ needs.


Secure and favorable rate

With the KVB payroll outsourcing service, employees can enjoy enterprise-level advantageous exchange rates and bank-level security even for small-amount currency exchanges.


Speedy payment

Fast settlement within one business day possible (T+1*).


Cost Saving

It helps businesses save on overseas remittance costs.

* The delivery time depends on the specific currency pair and market conditions, our experienced team of professionals is always available to assist clients with any questions or concerns they may have regarding our currency trading services.

工资代发;跨境代发;payroll outsourcing solution; payroll outsourcing services
case study

Payroll Outsourcing Solution Case Study

A KVB client established a company in Country A and hired several employees from Country B who require regular salary payments. The employees from Country B expressed their desire to have a portion of their salaries deposited into their personal bank accounts in their home country, Country B. The client chose KVB's Payroll Outsourcing Solution, which enables local salary payments in the local currency of Country A while simultaneously transferring the corresponding amount in foreign currencies to the employees' bank accounts in Country B. The currency exchange and international payment processes are seamlessly handled by KVB. This service allows the client to effectively manage cash flow, save on capital outflow taxes in Country A, and provides employees with the advantage of competitive exchange rates, ensuring convenience and peace of mind.

Regions supported by KVB Payroll Outsourcing Service

工资代发,跨境代发,Payroll outsourcing solution, Payroll outsourcing solution; payroll outsourcing services

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