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KVB Universal Cards
Virtual Multi-currency Corporate Cards

KVB Universal Cards enable flexible payment of bills and facilitate the fast growing cross-border businesses. Taking the benefits from bank-beating FX rates, automated business expense management, and secure payment to suppliers, businesses can focus on business development while having cost reduction from using KVB Universal Cards. Log into your GCFX Business Account and apply for KVB Universal Cards now.

* This service will be provided by KVB Trading (Hong Kong) Limited.


Agile Global Business Payment Experience

A virtual corporate card can facilitate compliance for your business with improved control and visibility. Businesses can preset card spending limits to pay company bills, in order to minimize manual administrative workflow and assist spending management.

Users can use virtual corporate cards to settle payments on online platforms. KVB Universal Cards can be used worldwide, making international transactions or cross-border payments faster and more flexible. Businesses can save more from bill settlements in 11 currencies with KVB’s highly competitive foreign exchange rates.

11 currencies with privileged rate offer:


Mastering Company Spending Precisely

Speedy Card Payment

Preset each card spending limit to control authorized card user spending. All card transaction records are synchronized to the system. The automated process shortens the time for budget pre-approval and reconciliation.

All Time Competitive FX Rate

Card users are entitled to enjoy privileged exchange rates offered in 11 currencies, including AUD, EUR, GBP, HKD, USD, etc. meaning a further cost saving on online spending transactions.

Convenient Expenditure Management

Set up KVB Universal Cards to split and limit the spending according to your business needs. Transaction records and expenditure components can be clearly shown for your easy budgeting and spending control.

Visible Vendor Management

With better classification of your spending based on business categories, vendor by nature or region, the corresponding spending management can be visualized in system records. International vendor payment and record keeping will become a lot easier.

Pay anytime, anywhere with KVB Multi-currency Corporate Cards. 

Step 1
Login / sign up GCFX Business Account
Step 2
Apply for "KVB Universal Cards" on web portal
Step 3
Set card limit and assign cardholder

Enjoy Mastercard Conveniences

KVB Universal Cards in Hong Kong are cooperated with Mastercard, providing commercial card purchase experience on worldwide e-commerce platforms. Businesses can set card limit for each card and your employees can use the card to pay their work expenses securely around the world while the company enjoys access to accurate information for more effective spending management. 

Quick application and activation for virtual cards at zero cost now!  

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Smart Budget Allocation and Transaction Tracking on GCFX Web Portal


Flexible Spending Limit Assignment

Businesses can set and amend card spending limit for each authorized virtual corporate card. Cardholder can pay their business travel expenses or company bills using the card without exceeding the spending limit. Businesses can apply for virtual corporate cards for their teams or employees anytime.


Easy Expense Management

Businesses can dedicate corporate card usage by expense category to cater specific business need. Businesses can have the flexibility to amend the spending limit, deactivate or freeze a card whenever there is any change of business need or personnel movement.


Automatic Transaction Tracking

All card transactions are automatically recorded in the system. Transaction details can be retrieved and seen. Finance team can download the card transaction report from their GCFX Business Account. This lessens the burden from reimbursement handling and improves work efficiency.


Mobile App — KVB Universal Cards

Card transaction records will be synchronized to the "KVB Universal Cards" App automatically. Cardholders can view the spending history and keep track the balance for better expense management.


Real-time Payment Status

The App contains all card transaction histories and users can check the payment statuses accordingly. Real-time records help users identify any payment issue with the merchant and enable prompt follow-up.


Reducing the Risk of Card Lost

Cardholders can check the virtual corporate card information using the KVB Universal Cards App when performing online payments. Card information is safeguarded by strong security authorization to prevent any information leakage and data theft.


Contactless Payment on Apple Pay or Google Pay

Add to link your cards and activate the contactless payment feature on mobile devices to enjoy quick payment via Apple Pay or Google Pay.

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Our Satisfied Customers

We were struggling to find a reliable partner who can do cross-border payments that was predictable in timing, and offered good conditions for us in terms of exchange rates and service fees. We were very lucky to find you guys.

Veronika Sytina,
Director of United Sourcing Services Limited


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