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KVB is a leading global financial services company that specialises in providing Treasury, Liquidity Management, FX, and Payment solutions to Corporations and individuals. It has offices in Asia, Oceania and North America.

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About US

Comprehensive Financial Services Framework

KVB Global Capital Ltd is a financial services company that specialises in providing a suite of financial products worldwide. Our products include global settlement and payment, corporate FX management, securities investment, wealth management, along with FinTech system and platform integration. We have established multiple licensed presences in Sydney and Melbourne Australia, Auckland New Zealand, Toronto Canada, Hong Kong, Taipei China and Singapore. KVB is one of the few multinational non-banking financial institutions that licensed by regulators globally.

OUR Advantages

Why do our customers choose KVB


A Trusted Brand

We are among one of the world’s renowned financial service brands, servicing international individuals and businesses for more than 20 years, a true leader in international Forex industry.


Licensed Financial Institution

We hold financial services licences in each of our global office locations, providing you a diversified range of financial products ranging from basic to complex solutions.


Comprehensive Settlement Methods

We offer you different choices of settlement method, including telegraphic transfer, cash, cheque, mobile payment (Wechat/Alipay), as well as debit card. Our global banking networks will certainly satisfy your global needs.


Competitive Exchange Rate

We provide you with extremely competitive wholesale exchange rates to assist you to cut down costs and increase your business advantage.


Ensured Security

Every stage of our business processes are audited and reconciled. We team up with internationally renowned counterparties and are audited globally by well-known auditing firm.


Professional Advisory

Our professional team comprises of more than 60 industry elites around the world. We speak in Mandarin, English, Cantonese, and Japanese to suit your different advisory and business communication needs.

Your Trusted Brand

As one of the three business driving forces under the Group, KVB Global Capital Limited builds its services upon the core advantage of more than 120 currencies settlement capability around the world. Through our dedicated resources into financial technology over the years, we are able to create an eco-system that takes our customers to a one-stop financial services hub. Whether it is global settlement/payment, cross-border e-commerce, fin-tech, fund investment or global wealth management, we are able to provide top industry solution that is sound, secure, convenient and competitive.

Company Awards

Greater Bay Area Most Outstanding Business Awards
New Mastercard Product Launch: Mastercard Cross-border Service — Hong Kong
2021 Mastercard
Best Treasury and
Finance Strategies in Asia-Pacific
2019 Corporate Treasurer
Valuable Cross- border E-commerce Service Provider
2019 Shenzhen Cross-border E-commerce Association
Best Transaction Banks
and Solutions
2018 FinanceAsia Corporate Treasurer
Business Excellence Award
2018 HK-AU Business Association
Valuable Cross- border E-commerce Service Organization
2018 GuangDong E-business Association
Best Treasury and Finance Strategies in Asia-Pacific
Valuable Cross- border E-commerce Service Organization
2017 GuangDong E-business Association
Best FX Trading Platform
NZ-HK Business Achievement Award
2013 New Zealand China Trade Association
Asian Business Achievement Award
2009 HK-AU Business Association

Company Timeline & Achievement


2021 -
Established virtual corporate card products in Australia and Hong Kong - KVB Universal Cards
2021 -
Strategic alliance with Hong Kong and Europe financial institutes to rollout business exclusive virtual account products for payment collection
2021 -
Global online money transfer platform GCFX partnered with renowned online accounting platform Xero to offer seamless and automated FX bill settlement and management solution
2019 -
Successfully rolled out global online money transfer platform GCFX and its mobile application
2017 -
Established new fund products in Australia
2017 -
Successfully rolled out commercial mortgage lending business in Australasia
2016 -
Successfully rolled out commercial forex management console - CorpVision
2016 -
Successfully rolled out eFX forex trading platform
2015 -
Successfully rolled out Significant Investment Visa related financial services in Australia
2013 -
First to rollout physical settled CNH product in Australasia market
2012 -
Strategic alliance with CITIC Bank to rollout overseas private banking
2010 -
KVB’s first white-label institution became operational in New Zealand
2008 -
Hong Kong securities trading became operational
2006 -
First in industry to roll out CNH against NZD/AUD cross-currency margin trading product


2023 -
Established Singapore office
2022 -
Registered as The Exempt Market Dealer from Ontario Securities Commission
2017 -
Obtained Leverage Forex Trading License from Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission
2016 -
Established Taipei office
2007 -
Toronto Canada office became operational
2005 -
Hong Kong office and Melbourne office became operational
2002 -
Established presence in Sydney Australia
2001 -
Established first presence in Auckland New Zealand


2023 -
Proudly won CORPHUB "Greater Bay Area Most Outstanding Business Awards 2023"
2022 -
Recognised as Mastercard "New Mastercard Product Launch: Mastercard Cross-border Service — Hong Kong 2021"
2019 -
Proudly won Shenzhen Cross-border E-commerce Association "Valuable Cross- border E-commerce Service Provider" and Corporate Treasurer "Best Treasury and Finance Strategies in Asia-Pacific"
2018 -
Proudly won HK-AU Business Association "Business Excellence Award" and FinanceAsia Corporate Treasurer "Best Transaction Banks and Solutions"
2017 -
Proudly won IEBE "Most Valued Cross-border E-commerce Service Provider 2016"
2016 -
Proudly won IEBE "Most Valued Cross-border E-commerce Service Provider 2015"
2013 -
Proudly won New Zealand China Commerce Association "Grand Business Award"
2009 -
Proudly won Hong Kong Australia Business Association “2009 Annual Business Achievement award”
2008 -
Jointly published “Offshore Financial Market Studies – Global Trend and China’s Path” with renowned economist Dr. Shusong Ba.

We are Serving With A Global And Multicultural Professional Team

We operate in multiple locations and have presences in Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne, Toronto, Hong Kong, Taipei and Singapore.

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