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Best Performer Cross-border Service of the Year

KVB received Mastercard's "Best Cross-border Service Award 2023" for its outstanding cross-border service capabilities.

Universal Cards

The KVB Universal Cards help companies with payment management, supporting contactless payment on various devices, and ensuring a smooth payment process every time.

* KVB Universal Cards Mastercard issued in Hong Kong

Payroll Outsourcing Solution

KVB provides tailor-made payroll solutions for overseas enterprises. Enjoy the competitive FX rates, global payment and fast settlement.

Improved Transfer Process for Better Assistance

The highly acclaimed GCFX just got even better! We're thrilled to announce that our transfer process has undergone a comprehensive upgrade to provide you with an even more intuitive, convenient, and secure user experience!

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Collect Payment From Credit Card

Our "Payment Link" allows money collection from credit card to support your cross-border trading.

Create Your KVB Account to Send Money With GCFX

Get started with a GCFX account to enjoy the benefit of secure currency exchange services provided by KVBGC.

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*The above exchange rate is for reference only. The exchange rate will be based on the prevailing rate at the time of execution.

KVB is one of the few multinational non banking financial institutions in the world

Since 2001, KVB has been establishing advanced financial services tools and service concepts. We have come up with our unique branding and specialization in the industry with avant-garde models and innovative trading systems. We have been proudly serving our global customer base ever since then. 

Licensed By Regulators Around The World
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Billion USD Annual transaction volume
International counter-party banks in more than 10 countries
Settlement Currencies, covering all of the OECD countries

GCFX – One-stop Financial Service Hub

We are providing you a secure & effective way for international money transfer. GCFX is an online foreign exchange and money transfer platform powered by KVB, an award-winning company, globally licensed and regulated that provide bank-level security currency exchange services.

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Global payment & settlement

  • 30+ currencies supported
  • Up to T+0 low-cost settlement
  • Competitive FX rates and transparent pricing

Money Collection

  • No need to apply for an offshore bank account in markets where your clients are based. 

FX Hedging

  • FX hedging to mitigate the risks of FX losses

Automated AML & KYC

  • The AML & KYC process has been integrated with world leading vendors and fully automated

Your Currency Exchange Partner From All Walks Of Life

GCFX provides safe and secure money transfer service from personal to business use, we will be here whenever you need us.

Study Abroad
Travel Around
Online Shopping
Overseas remittance

You can download the GCFX app from App Store and Google Play.

Automatic Bank Feeds

  • Connect or create GCFX multi-currency bank accounts on Xero to start with your money transfer and settlement journey. You can connect or disconnect anytime.

Express FX International Payments

  • GCFX captures foreign currency bills from Xero that allows you to manage your payment instructions by currencies, recipients, or due dates. FX connection feature will be released in other countries soon.

Corporate FX Management Solution

KVB Global Capital Limited uses corporate foreign exchange management as its service foundation. With the help of continued investment into FinTech, we have created a one-stop foreign exchange management solution for our global customers. Our aim is to assist companies with hedging need to reduce their account exposures and to increase efficiency in their cash flow management.


Payment Window

KVB provides professional hedging tools and trading recommendations to increase your payment flexibility at different payment window.


Fund Settlement

KVB provides you with our global settlement network for fast, convenient and secured payment to your designated account.


Currency Conversion

KVB offers commercial foreign exchange with competitive exchange rates. Our customized solutions and tools will assist customers to better control their costs.


Market Watch

KVB offers live market watch for key information alerts and 24 hours dealing room market surveillance that provides commercial customers retrospective review as well as future recommendations.


Enhanced Financials

KVB offers CorpVision engine that assists customer with ERP integration in locking down key risk exposures, increasing cash flow efficiency, creating better cost analytics and enhancing internal data communication.


Corporate Management

KVB offers industrial standard treasury platform for enhancing business process, setting up benchmarks, and increasing treasury functions by providing key advisory.



KVB offers global wealth management service with customized wealth planning that gives both commercial and individual customers sustained financial growth at different stages of their lives.


Uplift Your Business With Our FX Products & Services

KVB helps business from all walks of life, from business payout to overseas property investment. Our competitive FX rates help business clients strengthen their power in global settlement business. Strong partnership with leading financial services also enables us to provide clients compelling FX experiences. 

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Our Satisfied Customers

We were struggling to find a reliable partner who can do cross-border payments that was predictable in timing, and offered good conditions for us in terms of exchange rates and service fees. We were very lucky to find you guys.

Veronika Sytina,
Director of United Sourcing Services Limited


We are serving with a global and multicultural professional team

We operate in multiple locations and have presences in Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne, Toronto, Hong Kong, Taipei and Singapore.

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