About KVB

No we are not a bank. We are a financial institution that specializes in foreign exchange. Our local offices in Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong and Toronto are fully accredited and licensed financial institutions in their respective countries. We report directly to government regulatory agencies and are at the same level as all major banks do. We care your financial safety as much as you do.

We are a Chinese finance company, established in 2001 with headquarter in Auckland. We have regional offices at Sydney, Hong Kong and Melbourne, Toronto, Auckland, and a representative office in Beijing. If you wish to know more information about us, please call us at our local branches and our customer service representatives will be glad to answer your questions.

About Products

Currency transactions are only part of service we offer. In addition, we have over-the-counter bureau de change. We also provide wealth management, physical bullion trading, VIP premier service, as well as system integration and business consulting. Please feel free to browse our website for more product and services introduction.

We can exchange a majority of world currency including: AUD, CAD, CHF, CNH, HKD, GBP, HKD, JPY, NZD, SGD, USD, etc.

Forward exchange rate is calculated using spot rate minus or plus forward points. This is determined by the exchanged currency’s interest rate comparison. The relative higher or lower of the forward rates compared with spot rates, then the minus or plus of the forward points to the spot rates.

Normally customer deposit is short term and once rate moves to a desirable point, customers will choose to convert immediately. We do not provide any interest for those short term temporary deposits.

Features and Advantages

KVB trades directly with many international trading banks as well as financial institutions with annual turnover greater than billions of USD. Therefore, we can provide you with wholesale rate and extend that advantage to our retail customers. It will save on your foreign exchange cost and we do not charge any additional transaction fee.

First of all, we have financial specialists speaking in Mandarin, Cantonese, English and Japanese. We understand the financial needs of different customers coming from all rounds of locations. Secondly, we are fully licensed and accredited with highest standards of security and safety to your funds. Thirdly, we are a Big Four audited company and have a strong listed group company support. Fourthly, we have a long business relationship with local banking facilities to provide the most comprehensive and efficient transfer services. Finally, we value our brand which has been developed and renowned in the industry, we wish you can experience the same level of satisfaction as all of our customers.

Western Union is a postal service. There is no need to provide a bank account. Often Western Union only does certain currency pairs and fees are normally high associated with large transaction. On the other hand, we use bank system to conduct the exchange, providing wholesale rates that are much better than other retailers.

About Services

Yes. It is safe. Our safety standards are coming not only from our licenses and accreditation, but also coming from our secured business process that involves daily reconciliation of funds, long term business relationship with local banks, and annual audit by one of the Big Four auditing firms. Our highest standard of operation is the foundation of our promise to your safety of funds and business.

We follow country specific AML and CDD regulation in each country of operation so we will require you to present your photo identification such as passport or ID card when transacting over the counter. We also encourage you to open up a long term account with KVB so that we can ensure trading process is easier and smooth after the initial account opening process.

The rate KVB uses is based on international market rate. If you tell us how much you wanted to transact, then we can see if we can apply for some discount for you. But, just to let you know, rate isn’t the very thing, as for a large transaction, the most important thing to consider is the safety of the fund, is that right?

Once you placed a trade with KVB, then trade is considered final and we do not allow client to fully cancel the transaction. However, if due to numerous reasons you wish to partly settle the transaction, then what you can do is to settle using a new and reversed transaction to partly offset the original transaction. If you wish to know more about your eligibility in this solution, please feel free to consult with our customer service representatives or refer to our Foreign Exchange Master Agreement.

If your beneficiary does not receive remittance from KVB on time, please call or visit your nearest KVB branches in Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne, or Toronto. Please also provide us with as much detail of the transaction as you can and we shall assist you the soonest possible.

Yes, if you place 10% or more of your transacted amount as security deposit, then you can prior to lock down exchange rate over the phone.

If it is international transfer, we charge 25 and 20 dollar local currency for retail and commercial customers respectively.

We recommend you to create an open contract to lock down rate, but you need to provide 10% or more security deposit to lock down this rate.

Normally our customer will place 10% security deposit to lock down an order, we do not place order without any security deposit. Before an order is filled the security deposit will remain on client’s account. Once order filled, it will become an open contract and customer is obligated to complete transaction within spot days.