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Introducing Our Global Wealth Management Service

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Full access to Australian and International equities

We proudly offer a comprehensive premium equity trading service that provides you with access to the Australian and main international markets. You can buy and sell securities in the Australian, U.S., Japanese, Hong Kong and Singapore markets, ETFs and China Index easily, allowing you to seize trading opportunities worldwide.


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Full range of managed fund options

We handpick quality managed funds to meet your investment needs in various life stages at various asset classes in ever-changing market conditions. We provide you with different ways to invest in managed funds for your retirement planning or children's education savings either in one off lump sum investment or through Regular Savings Plan (RSP) to smooth out market volatilities.

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Full selection of Australian and International bonds

We provide you with a wide selection of quality bonds issued by Australian and international organizations (S&P ratings BBB or above). You can choose from bonds of various currency denominations and tenors that best suit your medium to long term investment objectives. Yield to Maturity (YTM) can be achieved up to 6% p.a.* for selected USD corporate bonds, and up to 8% p.a.* for selected AUD corporate bonds.

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Structured Investments

Seek exposure to specific underlying asset class which are not readily available such as share options, interest rates, indices, commodities, foreign currencies as well as benefit from the enhanced interest rates that arise from the premium you receive. Structured products offer hassle free investments with potential double digit return* through tailor-made investment strategies.

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Full circle planning: Superannuation & Insurance

We have comprehensive selection of flexible Superannuation and insurance options tailor made for you to safeguard your wealth and retirement life.

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Wealth Succession Planning

For many affluent families like yours, a significant concern may be passing on the wealth to the next generation. There are choices such as setting up a family trust could have a profound effect on the amount of wealth available for the future of your family. We offer you a comprehensive suite of wealth management solutions catering specifically to succession planning, to help you protect and plan for the family future.

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*Selected products are only available to wholesale investors. Returns vary significantly based on different level of risk profile, underlying assets, time horizon, downside protection or capital protection requirements. Reference return rates are as of Jan 2016. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future return.