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Offshore CNY Trading and Settlement

Great strides have been made on China’s domestic market opening  and economic growth, which creates unprecedented and huge demands for RMB assets allocation from both the private and public sectors. As a result, the CNH market has been nurtured and evolved in this new area of the RMB internationalization. Over the past couple of years, China has implemented the normalization on CNH settlement and transaction so as to better correspond to the trend of market uptick. Therefore, we can expect that the products and services backed by CNH will continue to diversify and the asset allocation demands for either the private or commercial players will rocket in the offshore market.

KVB Kunlun International is the leading and largest provider of CNH transaction services in the Oceania. Our product offerings include but not limited to CNH exchange, remittance and the CNH Non-Deliverable Foreign Exchange Forward (NDF) contract, which has facilitated the overseas trading and life for our customers.

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CNH exchange and the deliverable forward contract

We provide a comprehensive suite of CNH exchange services. You can convert your CNH (/other currencies) to other currencies (/CNH) easily and safely. After we mutually agree on the spot exchange rate, you will receive(/make the payment of) your converted currency in a convenient way.

We can also lock the future CNH exchange rate according to your specific needs using the deliverable forward contract, which can greatly reduce your foreign exchange risks on CNH at a future delivering time.

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CNH NDF contract

For those who don’t need to physically deliver the CNH transactions but want to hedge the risks of currency devaluation (/appreciation) in the future, we can also offer you the CNH NDF contract. This is the ideal hedging tool to contain the bilateral volatilities of the CNH exchange rates.

For more information on the CNH forward products and services, please consult with our Customer Service Specialists. We will help you choose the right product according to your needs.

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