Physical Gold Bullion Trading

Introducing our pure investment-grade physical gold bullion trading. Delivery or Storage, Your Choice of Portfolio Diversification.

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Advantages of KVB’s gold bullion trading

Through KVB, you can get access to:

  • Multiple international locations for buying and purchasing gold/silver bullion or coins from international renowned refiners, enjoying liquidity to the maximum extent possible.
  • Global vaulting brands which securely deposits bullion/coin under your specific beneficiary title, and providing full insurance replacement value to your holdings at any given time. 
  • Take delivery to your home or office, through international renowned commercial courier companies or armored services. 
  • Annual audited procedure done by Big Four auditing firms for each of the vaults across the globe for utmost assurance of safety to your possession in those vaults.

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What is physical gold bullion trading?

Our new service exclusively offers you trading, resell, home delivery, and secure vaulting of your pure investment grade gold/silver coin or bars at multiple international locations across the world.  We believe this product delivers unparalleled benefits of portfolio diversification, and secure investment for your future. 

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Secured storage

Our secured vaulting and storage locations range from Europe, Asia, Australasia, and North America. It offers you great flexibility to deliver those gold/silver bullion to a designated location of your own choice through armored (at above a certain delivery value required) or commercial delivery. At a low cost, you can enjoy unparalleled safety and security with a ease of mind. You can also choose to store these precious metal under your beneficiary title for both short term and long term, based on your preference and need.

Because we choose leading and renowned non-banking commercial vaults that are active in the industry for decades, we aim to avoid counterparty risk to the minimum extent possible, and in particular avoiding bank default risks. Neither the vault nor KVB will ever collateralize your holding in any way, therefore, your holding will always be your holding at any given time in the vault. As mentioned above, Big Four audits client holding in all of the international vaults at least once per year to ensure both the quantity and the quality of the bars/coins stored.

For more information, please feel free to consult one of our customer service representatives today.

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