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Discover how our diversified products can suit your everyday foreign exchange needs.

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Why choose KVB for your foreign exchange needs?

Tailored options

Our Spot, Forward and Swap options will meet your everyday or specific trading arrangement.

Safebox service

We offer temporary safe box service to manage your foreign currencies with ease.

One stop service

Commercial, Retail or Wholesale, KVB is your one stop service terminal.

Competitive & flexible

Competitive rates, flexible settlement, and dedicated customer services.

Our foreign exchange service

Simple, straight forward, consider it done.

Exchange to your desired currency instantly and settle to your account using your preferred methods. A spot transaction means that after you’ve locked down a competitive rate, you have two working days to complete the fund transfer and settle the deal. 

If your business involves international remittance and receiving of funds, we can also assist you with wholesale rate exchange, as well as settlement service to your beneficiaries. At some service region, our spot settlement funds can reach your beneficiary account as fast as less than two hours (please seek our local customer service representatives for more information).

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Think Ahead, Plan Ahead, Rest Assured.

Manage your future currency exchange need today and enjoy the benefit of hedged exchange rate fluctuation risk. Foreign Exchange Forward is a common but effective tool to trade on a settlement that will happen in future. For example, you can simply enter into a Forward transaction that promises settlement in 6 months of time, at a forward rate which is determined today against the spot rate as well as prevailing currency interest rates. What this does is to lock down your estimated cash flow in 6 months of time, so that whichever way the exchange rate moves during that period of time, you will only be obligated to settle at the rate and amount entered today. Companies with international trade background have used this tool to hedge exchange rate fluctuations very frequently.

However, both retail and commercial clients can also enter into a “Non-Deliverable Forward”, or for market jargon a “NDF”. This is a powerful tool to hedge a mid to long term exchange exposure by constantly revaluating using a day-to-day spot rate. At a desired rate during the course of the forward contract, say 6 months of time, clients can always close this NDF contract with a spot transaction, where only the difference between the Forward amount and Spot amount is settled. Please note, if future price movement is expected at a wrong direction with the market movement, then there could be substantial risk of margin call or forced sell. For more information, please consult with one of our customer service representatives to find out if you are eligible for this product.

Our Forward transaction process is almost identical with spot transaction, we aim to provide you with a similar trading experience to avoid complication and confusion.

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Choose your best rate, expectation filled.

By placing a market order for your foreign exchange, you choose your desired rate. Once that rate is achieved, your order will be automatically filled at that price, ready for you to settle. Our order service is the simple and convenient way to get the most out of your foreign exchange. The benefit of order transaction is you do not need to constantly watch daily exchange rate chart to determine the best timing to execute. KVB’s trading desk will do this on your behalf and our advanced trading system will alert our customer service representative when your order reaches execution price.

For example, a day before major U.S. data release later tonight in Australia time, you expect the USD currency to move in favor of the release. Hence, you might want take advantage of this and exchange your holdings of USD into AUD. By placing an order at a desired rate with KVB, we will watch over your order and if the market indeed moves to your expected direction, we will fill your order once market strikes that price level. Your order will then become a spot transaction and you can follow the same spot transaction procedure for settlement within T+2 business days. Please be noted that in this example we have not considered the spread charged by brokers. For more requirement on placing a market order, please consult with one of our customer service representatives to find out if you are eligible for this product.

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Reduce Risk Uncertainty and Cost Using Advanced Tool.

Swap Transaction is an advanced trading tool for mitigating short term foreign exchange need with longer term foreign exchange contracts. It essentially swaps a currency which you need immediately with the repayment of this currency in future, along combined in a foreign exchange process. During this process, it mitigates the head-on cost of exchanging at an undesired rate to a future date when you expect the rate will move in a favorable direction. For a lot of advanced trading needs, swap transaction can be a powerful tool at special circumstances as it only incurs interest cost for the duration of the contract, and no other relevant trading cost. For more requirement on swap transaction, please consult with one of our customer service representatives to find out if you are eligible for this product.

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