Corporate Forex Solution

Advance Your International Business and Corporate Treasury Model with Our State-of-the-Art Trading and Risk Management Platforms and Comprehensive Consulting Experience.

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Corporate Forex

When you are dealing with cross-border trade, questions about international payment and receipts, exchange rate fluctuation, account duration, and frequency of trades are to be expected.

We can share our experience with you – and more – with our exclusive offering to our commercial clients, we aim to assist you to reduce multilateral trade cost as well as hedging on exchange rate fluctuation risks.

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Risk Hedging

Managing your foreign exchange risk makes smart business sense. Your level of risk may depend on multiple scenarios, including payment and receipt time, but the income of your business will be affected by currency market fluctuations, which can impact on your net cash flow. By properly managing your exchange rate exposure, you could increase your potential profitability whilst minimizing the negative impact of the rate movement. From our years of experience, we have summarized some of the common questions which we have embarked upon servicing our commercial customers.

  • Your level of foreign exchange risk depends on the duration of your account books; the total value of currencies converted; and the composition of currencies which you pay/receive. 
  • To properly evaluate risk, a complicated model will have to be built. This takes time, money, experience, and professional analysis of your current exposure so that an intuitive calculation can be made.
  • Global foreign exchange rate fluctuations will never be single-sided movements – it is a combination of multiple, moving currencies. With transparent information, high-frequency trade and a 24/6 trading environment, do you have the right hedging tools to safeguard you against such exposure?

We do. Our sophisticated systems, backed up by our professional team’s years of experience, means we have the ability to help you manage your foreign exchange risk.

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Our Comperehensive Solution

If your business involves already on multi-lateral foreign trade, and you have a good understanding of the importance of treasury management in your line of trade, and are at the moment seeking better corporate government and better risk controls so to continue raising the your business efficiency as well as that of treasury management, then seek no more, we have the answer for you right here.

We believe the key to success lies in system. A comprehensive system not only improves your cash management, but also the efficiency of your liquid assets. We provide our commercial and non-banking financial institutions with a full range of system products to meet their treasury management demands:

  • System application and adoption
  • Procedural recommendations
  • Cash pooling
  • Forex trading strategy
  • Risk management

Discover the benefits that KVB can have for your business, contact us today!

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