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Global Payment | KVB Kunlun Global

Global Payment | KVB Kunlun Global

KVB Kunlun Global Capital Limited has its own global remittance network, providing customers with fast and secure foreign currency payment service. We provide settlement to world’s 120 plus different currencies, covering all of the OECD list and One-Belt-One-Road countries. We know how foreign exchange rate fluctuation may adversely affect our clients. Therefore, we have provided a flexible product list such as forward contracts, NDFs, swaps, and other hedged derivatives to cater different business requirements on risk appetite, margin ratio, funding, as well as settlement urgency.

At the same time, we are happy to offer you our electronic straight-through-processing trading platform so you can enjoy your trading of currencies, settling of payments, and reviewing your account movement online anytime, anywhere in the world.

Why do our customers choose KVB?

Our professional customer service team will assist you in every step of the way of your business expansion and growth.
We are your ideal business partner.
Our eFX online trading platform brings you
closer to foreign exchange market
Live tradable rates for single click order execution
accounts indicating live balance, settlement progress, payment request, and full set of trading history
Your access to the market is ensured whenever it is needed
Our Foreign Exchange industry experts will assist you in understanding how fluctuation in this market will affect your corporate cash flows.
In the past, we have already assisted our customers on:
faster supply-chain financing using cutting-edge payment tools
stronger hedging performance using adequate derivatives to increase profit margin
globalized settlement network covering 129 currencies for trading remittance
smarter adoption on offshore CNY to hedge and to enjoy benefit of spread differentials.
We are dedicated to providing you the best service.
If you are interested in our offerings, please leave your contact information and we will reach out to you.
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