Cross-Border e-Commerce Solution | KVB Kunlun

Cross-Border e-Commerce Solution | KVB Kunlun Global

Cross-Border e-Commerce Solution | KVB Kunlun Global

As a member participating in many leading cross-border e-Commerce associations, KVB has assisted many e-Commerce companies in carrying out cross border settlement of currencies, forward hedging, overnight swaps as well as ERP integration. Our competitive rates and costs, in particular our T+0 settlement facilities have helped them to gain that extra edge in today’s competitive business environment.

Our Services

Cross-Border Currency Exchange

KVB offers currency exchange for over 120 major currencies catering different business/geographical need.

Global Payment

KVB offers secure and convenient payment/receipt services on behalf of cross-border e-Commerce companies. Our T+0 settlement facility is highly regarded by our customers.

Risk Hedging and Advisory

KVB offers forward hedging and derivative hedging products, such as swaps and options. Our professional advisory service will also assist customers to understand global markets better.

Our Products and Key Advantage

129 global currencies supported
Enhanced Efficiency
Our global banking network creates settlement eco-system that supports T+0 payment service
Competitive Rates
KVB extends its wholesale price to customers which gives them comparative advantage from traditional retail banking

Our Process


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