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Corporate FX Management Solution | KVB Kunlun Global

Corporate FX Management Solution | KVB Kunlun Global

KVB Kunlun Global Capital Limited uses corporate foreign exchange management as its service foundation. With the help of continued investment into fin-tech it has created a one-stop foreign exchange management solution for its global customers. Our aim is to assist companies with hedging need to reduce their account exposures and to increase efficiency in its cash flow management.

One-Stop Corporate FX Management Solution

Customer Requirement
Global Payment
Payment Window
KVB provides professional hedging tools and trading recommendations to increase your payment flexibility at different payment window
Settlement of Funds
KVB provides you with our global settlement network for fast, convenient and secured payment to your designated account
Comprehensive Advisory
Currency Conversion
KVB offers commercial foreign exchange with competitive rates.Our customized solutions and tools will assist customers to better control their costs
Market Watch
KVB offers live market watch for key information alerts 24 hours dealing room market surveillance that provides commercial customers retrospective review as well as future recommendation
Advanced Fin-tech
Enhanced Financials
KVB offers CorpVision engine that assists customer with ERP integration Locking down key risk exposures, increase cash flow efficiency, creating better cost analytics and enhance internal data communication
Corporate Management
KVB offers industrial standard treasury platform Enhanced business process, setting up benchmarks, and increase treasury functions by providing key advisory
Leading Overseas Investment
KVB offers global wealth management service Customized wealth planning that gives both commercial and individual customers sustained financial growth at different stages of their life
A comprehensive Corporate FX Management Solution

Main Product

Corporate Risk Analytics
Corporate Risk Analytics
Corporate FX Advisory
Corporate FX Advisory
Leveraged FX Hedging
Leveraged FX Hedging

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